Doggy Spa Services

Spa Services

Our certified pet stylist will style your pet to your liking! We have a variety of bows and bowties available to choose from! Grooming is by appointment only. Price is available upon request. Until we are able to see your dogs size, weight, and coat condition, we cannot give you an exact price. 

Grooming Packages


1) Basic Bath – Bath, Bandana & Fragrance

2) Full Service Bath – Bath, Nail Trim, Ear Clean, Anal Glands, Bandana & Fragrance 

3) Sanitary Cut – Bath, Nail Trim, Ear Clean, Anal Glands, Paw Pad Trim and Rounding, Potty Trim, Eye Trim with Bandana & Fragrance

4) Full Service Groom – Bath, Body Haircut, Nail Trim, Ear Clean, Anal Glands, Paw Pad Trim and Rounding, Potty Trim, Eye Trim with Bandana & Fragrance (Ear Plucking if necessary) 

*  All long-haired breeds such as Pomeranians, Shih Tzu, Yorkie, or Maltese that are in full coat will be considered a full groom for brush blow out and the sanitary package. 


Additional Spa Add-Ons

- De-Shedding

- De-Matting (de-matting is only done if the pets coat is not severely matted and will be charged accordingly) 

- Specialty shampoo (medicated, hypoallergenic, whitening, oatmeal)

- Blueberry facial (helps clean face with a gentle tearless cleanser)

- Paw Scrub (for sore paws or pads)

- Nail Painting

- Nail Grinding

- Flea Dip (we do not accept severely flea infested dogs as it could spread in the facility)

- Feather Extensions


Fur-Babies will NOT groom any aggressive, extremely matted, or overly anxious dogs for their safety and ours. If there is any indications of this during the grooming process then all services will be stopped and a phone call will be given to the owner to pick up his/her pet. If you know your pet is anxious or aggressive, we suggest getting him/her on a lite sedative you can get from your vet to make the grooming process easier.

Customer Testimonials

"Fur babies, has treated my baby so GOOD, that I could not imagine her going anywhere else. She is a Rescue, who was mistreated, because of this she had and I mean had Trust issues!  Those issues are so far in the past, she Loves and Trusts her Groomer!!! I am so appreciative of Fur babies and thier Magnificent Love for Animals!!" - Donna

"I have 2 big dogs, 50# & 70#. I called Fur babies to check prices and received very reasonable quotes for my pups for A full service bath and friendly customer service over the phone! They advised me they were booked and didn’t have any openings for A while. After speaking with the lady over the phone she placed me on hold, and ended up squeezing in my 2 pups last minute on A Saturday. The facility was clean, and did not stink like some places do. Fur babies did A great job on my dogs, I will definitely use them again!" - Jamie

"I have had my dog groomed and they have done a great job every time. I recently boarded my dog for 3 days and she did great. I usually need a dog whisperer when I'm away from her and she was happy to be dropped off and happy to see me. I recommend this place for everyone. the facility is clean and the staff is friendly and the dogs can tell it." - Jennifer